photo 2 Mar A tugboat in the port of Odessa | TrekEarth
photo 26 Oct Illustration l Unknown
Illustration l Unknown
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photo 23 Jun The Roman Empire at its greatest extent, during the reign of Trajan in 117 CE

The Roman Empire at its greatest extent, during the reign of Trajan in 117 CE

photo 3 May Dream apartment.
Dream apartment.
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video 28 Apr
photo 7 Nov Desert Air

Desert Air

quote 14 Apr
I had a friend in Texas, and his wife told me they were at an amusement park, and they came up to one of those maps [of] the amusement park and it said, YOU ARE HERE.
And he looked at it and he said to her, ‘How does it know?’
photo 22 Jan Aogashima Island, Japan

Aogashima Island, Japan

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quote 18 Dec
I was much cheered on my arrival by the warden at the gate, who had to take particulars about me. He asked my religion, and I replied ‘agnostic’. He asked how to spell it, and remarked with a sigh: “Well, there are many religions, but I suppose they all worship the same God”. This remark kept me cheerful for about a week.
— Bertrand Russell – Portraits from Memory pp. 33-34
link 14 Jul Millions Irrationally Feared Dead In Minor Train Accident»

Today Now! with Jim Haggerty and Tracy Gill:
– Millions irrationally feared dead after train derails
– Nation concocting increasingly improbable reasons loved ones died in crash
– Family members as far as Alaska, Hawaii now being pictured suffering
– Before crisis is over, entire U.S. population may be believed dead
– Federal Emergency Management Agency urging population to avoid derailment footage, just be rational
– FEMA officials being sent to homes of most hysterical grandparents
– Evening rush hour traffic could double number of spouses feared dead
– FEMA: Train derailment low on list of threats to loved ones’ lives
– Breaking news: Department of Homeland Security warns against national existential crisis

In other news:
– Popular candidate running on conservative family-values, pro-religion, pro-gun, anti-gay platform outed as Islamic terrorist
– Gigantic bowl of fruit makes man want to be the type of person who likes fruit
– Season of Congress halted as legislators scatter over loose change dropped on floor
– Justice Department doesn’t even want to bring it up, but we should really figure out how we’re going to put those Al-Qaeda guys on trial
– Report: Almost no plot on TV makes sense if you remember that the Internet exists
– David Koch’s severed hand regenerates
– Congress votes to permanently bar Newt Gingrich from congressional gym
– Smoking marijuana legalized if it’s with a professor
– Hurricane picked up for hurricane season
– Safeway rolls out new “Safeway DON’T SELECT” brand for rancid products

Coming up:
– How to keep your teens from having risky sex by spreading disgusting rumors about them

Tonight on The Beltway with Lee Decker:
– Are we on time or are we running out of time? We’ll look at the nation’s timetables, don’t miss it.

(Source: The Onion)

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